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What is Girlythings?

Girlythings is an award-winning mobile Application that delivers sanitary napkins to women at home and in public.

Is it available on IOS and Android?



What services do you offer?

Deliver Pads to you anywhere and Urgent Menstrual Kits in public.

Can I order through the website?

You can check out all information on the website and then order through the App.

Is there a delivery fee?

PKR 200 is the delivery and service fee for all orders in all cities.

Are products expensive?

No. They are the same market price that you will get from any shop.

How can I pay?

You can pay through Cash on Delivery and Peridots. Credit/Debit card payments, Jazz cash, U pay are coming soon.

Can I get a subscription package?

Coming soon!

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