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Cramps won’t move until you do, period

Cramps won’t move until you do.

You can cry all you want about missing out on parties, fun times and even work because your body won’t stop aching all over and the hyperactive of a spirit within you won’t let you stay put, but until you do something about the cramps you will be left crying on the couch while men your age have the times of their lives. Well, fret no more because this old friend of yours has managed to dig up the perfect scientific anecdote to fight the period cramps.

“Work the cramps out…with 89019 lunges, 2538 leg press, a hundred squats and a billion steps on the treadmill” arggghhhhhhh.

The lies they sell.

Cramps won’t move until you do, period


Before we delve into the details of the premium work-out I have meticulously designed for you, let’s go over the pre-workout check-list to see if you are work-out ready (check in your head):

1. Prepare

Tie your hair up. Fill your water bottle. Make the bed. Slide under the covers. Get your laptop ready. Sounds like you are all set. Order in some McDonalds. Don’t forget to throw in some extra-large fries for your bipolar period personality.

Cramps won’t move until you do, period


2. Time to flex

Cozy up to your bed. Lean on to the pillow tower. Make sure your back is well rested against it. Put your favorite show on. The goal is to fill the stomach until the muscles can’t expand any further, set your mind to it. Now binge on the food with Tom cruise on the screen. It’s a work-out date, girl!

Cramps won’t move until you do, period


3. Light-weight Lifting

All that flexing may leave you exhausted so we do something light and easy next i.e. Some light-weight Lifting. Now is when you LIFT the pillows from the tower and carefully move them one by one to your sides.

Cramps won’t move until you do, period


4. Stretches

Stretch both your arms and legs and relax yourself. This work-out has been pretty intense so far. Now is time for you to catch up on your beauty sleep. Nap for a good couple of hours and wake up all fresh and cramp free!

Cramps won’t move until you do, period


Author: Noor Najam

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