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Go “Bananas” over Comfort Food during your period , girlythings

Go “Bananas” over Comfort Food during your period

It’s bad enough we have to walk around with blood dripping out of our vag…Body, and now we have to hold back on the innocent demands this poor vessel makes while leaking blood non-stop. As much as I like to whine about multiple ways periods cripple me in, there is a bunch of reasons I love my periods and I think you should too. period

1. License to eat

Regardless of the absurdity of your food cravings, the first cramp entitles you to unlimited meal portions of whatever size that may fill your appetite. Know what that means? A big Mac with large fries and extra cheese layer and a tub of ice cream large enough for you to drown yourself in i.e. if you can tolerate the bloating, gas and cramps. Yep, that’s part of the deal. Same goes for pizza Ouch! However, you can have it in small portions. The same tub/box only at intervals spaced a few hours apart.


2. Star of the Food Bucket list

Remember how we had to put an end to our anda paratha craving ever since we got run over by puberty bus? Because FFP? FEAR OF FAT AND PIMPLE. Well today is your day! Let me back it up with science for you. Research suggests that women need 100 to 300 extra calories during PMS. Like the sound of it? Yes Girl! get yourself that layered Desi ghee paratha and your favorite sunny side up Anda you’d been resisting since your own anda hatched within you. Thank me later.


3. Go bananas over comfort food

Your blood sugar drops significantly during period warranting you the liberty to go nuts on whatever chocolates or desserts you had been longing for in your dreams or you can balance it out with a healthy substitute like banana and go bananas over comfort food (bet you didn’t see this coming). Your call.

Sadly, my love, the world is not a wish-granting factory and we know exactly who to blame for it. Yep, it’s bitter Aunt Gen (Estrogen) and grumpy Uncle Gester (Read: progesterone).


Author: Noor Najam

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